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Finsa Infinite Tricoya Tex 

Following the market launch of Finsa Infinite Tricoya and, previously, textured MDF boards, the fusion of both innovations allows the creation of Finsa Infinite Tricoya Tex, a board suitable for outdoor use with an embossed surface that offers a different finish. 

Finsa Infinite Tricoya Tex is a high-performance fibreboard with excellent durability and dimensional stability in extreme conditions, both outdoors and in very humid interiors, with a textured surface in relief which, combined with the options of staining, varnishing or lacquering, enhances its decorative possibilities.

Recommended use
Finsa Infinite Tricoya Tex is suitable for a wide range of outdoor and very wet indoor applications thanks to its biological durability and dimensional stability. One side is decorated with embossed textures that give the surface a high degree of compactness, thus optimising the subsequent coating processes. Textures add wood grain, linear reliefs or patterns to make outdoor or garden furniture projects more attractive. Thus, it is a product that fits very well on doors and windows, outdoor kitchens, huts, playgrounds, panelling or façade cladding.

Durable: More durable, perfect for outdoor use or wet environments (indoor and outdoor).
Freedom of design: All formats and thicknesses, machining and assembly flexibility of a fibreboard.
Resistance to fungi: Effective barrier against fungal decay.
50-year warranty: The peace of mind of a Tricoya® warranty of 50 years above ground and 25 years on ground
Dimensional stability: Swelling and shrinkage are drastically reduced.
Ideal for coating: Improved stability and durability increase the lifetime of the coating with tinting, varnishing or lacquering.
Low maintenance costs: Significant reduction in the frequency of maintenance of exterior coatings.
Sustainable sources: FSC® and PEFC certification of sustainably managed forests.

Finsa Infinite Tricoya Tex is available in five textured finishes: Mojave, Fuji, Trama, Cemento and Veta. 

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