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 TopGlass is a material that simulates the appearance of glass, but is much lighter and more resistant to breakage. Topglass Glow set of light shades with high-quality mirror-effect gloss. Topglass Matt includes a palette of neutral tones in matt antifingerprint finish with a premium-quality acid-etched glass

Recommended use
For vertical surfaces: Kitchen fronts, office furniture, made-to- measure furniture, wall cladding, toilets, offices, etc.

Complementary Products
Edge banding and HPL To ensure a correct match, both edge banding and 2 mm acrylic sheets are
available for all the designs in the range. Consult our website for details of the various options.

A lighter, more break-resistant material than real glass
Easy to clean
Anti-fingerprint (in the case of the Matt finish)
The brightness remains sharp regardless of the viewing distance in the case of the Glow
finish. Glow Gloss 90º
Matt Gloss 8º
Light fastness so colours remain unaltered
Modifiable surface
Vertical applications

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