Infinite Tricoya


Finsa Infinite Tricoya

Finsa Infinite Tricoya® is a wood fibreboard for exteriors. Its high performance makes it a wood panel with excellent durability and dimensional stability, designed for the most extreme conditions. This panel incorporates a patented wood acetylation process, the result of a collaboration between Finsa and Accsys, which gives it these hydrophobic technical qualities.

We offer two versions of this board for you to choose the one that best suits your needs: Tricoya Lam, coated with a decorative film, and Tricoya Decor, coated with a film designed for very humid indoor areas.

Recommended use
Finsa Infinite Tricoya Decor is suitable for a large number of indoor humid environment applications and Finsa Infinite Tricoya Lam for outdoor use. This is due to its biological durability and high dimensional stability.


Durable: More durable, perfect for outdoor use or wet environments (indoor and outdoor).
Freedom of design: All the design, machining and assemblyflexibility of MDF.
Fungal resistance: Effective barrier against fungal decay.
50-year warranty: Peace of mind with a Tricoya warranty of 50 years above ground and 25 years on ground.
Dimensional stability: Swelling and shrinkage are drastically reduced.
Ideal for coating: Its improved stability and durability increase the service life of the coating.
Low maintenance costs: Significant reduction in the frequency of main- tenance of exterior coatings.
Sustainable sources: FSC® and PEFC™ certification of sustainably managed forests.