We offer you much more than products. Our specialized teams throughout the wood value chain are at your disposal to help you with co-developments, projects...


    We understand innovation as a global challenge that affects all dimensions of the product. Technical and physical properties are essential, but there is another key aspect that sets us apart: design. Our philosophy in the field of design is based on two essential axes: proximity to the market and following trends. We have a department specialized in design development: our trend hunters. This team of professionals is in charge, through direct contact with clients, suppliers, architects, designers and interior designers, of detecting the most current trends and translating them into decorative solutions.

  • r & d

    The ability to innovate is one of the key competitive and differentiating aspects in an increasingly demanding market.
    Finsa has always faced changes with an open and innovative spirit. Thanks to this, one of our signs of identity today is undoubtedly our ability to adapt and our willingness to offer solutions that can meet the expectations of our customers.
    Our commitment to the future is clear: to innovate as a means of generating value.