Innovative by tradition

At Finsa we have been dedicated to the industrial transformation of wood for almost a hundred years, designing and manufacturing technical and decorative solutions for the spaces around us.

From our beginnings we were aware of the responsibility we acquired by having wood as a base element. We learned from it and incorporated some of its virtues into our organization, such as versatility, solidity or durability.

In connection with the environment, we continue working to respond to the needs of the habitat and construction sector. We manufacture and transform products derived from wood and we manufacture and process products derived from wood: board, decorative surfaces, components for furniture and laminate flooring. In our processes, based on the development of innovation, design and circularity, wood does not lose qualities but rather improves its efficiency.


The origin
Start of industrial activity in a sawmill in Portanxil, Ames (Galicia).
Mr. Manuel García Cambón shapes the project, which is renamed Financiera Maderera S.A. (FINSA)
Particle board
Pioneers in the use of material waste to manufacture chipboard.
Decorative boards
In the 1970s we incorporated the added value of design into the board, customizing it with melamine.
Fibre board
In the 1980s we incorporated new technologies to produce MDF.
New horizons
New needs arise and we introduce innovative solutions such as natural veneer or laminate flooring.
Innovative materials
We begin to produce Superpan and other special boards such as Finlight or Compacmel Plus.
In this decade we promote design and specialization in solutions for housing and construction.
Structural wood
The entire set of decorative materials connected to each other in the same catalogue.

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