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Studio Natur

 Studio Natur is a versatile range of natural or multi-laminate wood veneers, in natural tones or treated by staining or smoking processes. These panels are composed of a thin layer of natural wood applied on a technical wood backing. 

We perform a thorough selection of the raw material and we carry out a process of manual assembly studied and tested before any industrial manufacturing. Thus we achieve a finish that offers a decorative surface that connects us with the essence of wood: aesthetics, touch and warmth.

Applications and recommendations
For surfaces used vertically and horizontally: Kitchen fronts, doors, custom-made furniture, coatings, etc. The panels are delivered with their surfaces pre-sanded with 120 grit paper, so before varnishing
it is advisable to sand them with a finer grit. As a general rule, it is recommended to follow the instructions recommended by the coating manufacturers to find the most suitable products and
processes for each application.

Natural surface
Higher dimensional stability and lighter weight than solid wood
Allows for better use of solid wood
Very versatile surface that allows a multitude of tones and finishes with varnishes, lacquers and oils

Natural wood edge sanded and not glued, thickness 0.5 mm or 1 mm. Width of 22, 34 or 44 mm. Other thicknesses and formats on request. 


Core panels


Ficha Técnica


Ficha Técnica

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    Fibranatur Ignífugo E-Z

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    Fibranatur E-Z

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    Fibranatur Hidrófugo

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