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 Fibracolour range is composed of decorative wood fiber which is coloured throughout its mass.
Fibracolour E-Z is a product manufactured with non-toxic waterbased pigments with low formaldehyde emissions. Its colouration is perfectly uniform throughout the entire dimension of the panel, and it is resistant to natural and artificial light.

Recommended use
Ephemeral architecture: Stands and exhibition supports.
Interior design: Panelling, screens, lattices and decorative coatings.
Furnishings: Home, auxiliary, hotels, offices and children's furniture.
Commercial premises: Counters and displays.
Technical solutions: Manufacture of acoustic elements and mouldings, bas-relief effects, product
Excellent performance as a substrate for digital technology printing.

Coloured throughout mass
Easy machining
Low formaldehyde emissions
* Our E-Z products are low formaldehyde emitting (< 0.05 ppm according to EN 717-1) and have a Certificate of Conformity for compliance with US EPA TSCA Title VI and CARB Phase 2 formaldehyde emission requirements (< 0.11 ppm ASTM E 1333). 

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Technical information


Technical datasheet

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    Fibracolour Negro E-Z

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    Fibracolour Amarillo E-Z

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    Fibracolour Antracita E-Z

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    Fibracolour Azul E-Z

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    Fibracolour Gris E-Z

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    Fibracolour Rojo E-Z

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    Fibracolour Negro Ignífugo E-Z