Soft Tech

Humanism plunges into the spaces and allows people to connect with technology wherever they are.

Soft Tech

  • work on wood

    Minimalist Luxury Style

    Authentic and simple is the new luxury. The high-end range of this style does not imply great complexity, but rather inspires us to use low-tech systems where the functional outshines the excessively ornate. Dark tones and warm metals such as gold, black marble or contrasting dark woods will bring out all these characteristics of the style in any space.

  • work on wood

    Industrial Style

    This new twist on industrial style leads us to metals and everything that conveys a sense of safety, hygiene and cleanliness. These qualities do not forgo personalisation: we no longer seek cold technology with a sterile tone, we want to continue exploring digital humanisation. Above all, this industrial environment must exude warmth and generate an austere environ- ment, where clean and simple lines shape the spaces we inhabit.

    • Innovation and minimal resources are applied in this remote working corner designed to offer an intimate place where it is easy to concentrate.

    • # Minimalist Luxury Style

      Anti-fingerprint and metallic materials have a great presence in this sober and luxurious kitchen, where plenty of storage capacity is provided to keep everything in order.

    • The application of material accompanies light as the forefront feature of a contemporary room, where despite the large dimensions of the space we can formulate a comfortable and intimate environment; a welcoming place that invites you to take a break.

    • Technological materials and anti-fingerprint matte finishes harmonise this kitchen where the glass effect adds lightness.

    • # Industrial Style

      In this kitchen island where hygienic conditions predominate, we achieve a cement effect using materials derived from wood.

    • Notice how these unobtrusive panellings help create multifunc- tional spaces, where the growing interest in self-sufficiency can lead us to grow our own vegetable gardens at home.

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Inspirational catalogue 2022
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