Natural Sanctuary

Interiors that allow self-care and blur the boundaries between nature and home.

Natural Sanctuary

  • work on wood

    Rustic style

    Biophilic design permeates this style that reconnects us with nearby nature, with no need to travel far and wide when the wild is practically on our doorsteps, with the chirping of birds or a green oasis in the city. We have reappraised neighbourhood shops and don’t want to abandon them, because they are the root that connects us with our origins: from the food we eat to the handicrafts that decorate our homes.

  • work on wood

    Monastic style

    Well-being is influenced by the environment in which we live: tidy, minimalist, fluid spaces, where simplicity encourages a balance between professional and personal life. Spaces that we can call homes and even sanctuaries, where we can practice selfcare and refresh our senses. We invite you to enjoy soft sensations, fabrics and organic materials. We encourage you to embrace the imperfections, lights and shadows, whether indoors or outdoors.

    • Create a cosy corner with an organic presence, designed for relaxing with a good book or practising yoga at home. Natural fibers or materials where imperfection stands out, such as wood, will help you to create this environment.

    • # Rustic Style

      Nature plunges into the space through this flexible cabinet, made with materials that are robust in appearance while very much exuding an air of finesse. We seek to openly highlight the layout of the interiors.

    • A neighbourhood shop that encourages local and responsible consumption can make use of warm and contemporary stone materials, used in multiple habitats such as personal care centres, to convey a sense of well-being.

    • Linear woods and raw materials emphasise calm and wellbeing in any environment where they are applied. If you wish to create a harmonious interior design with everything in its place, go for neutral woods and related colour palettes. In this way, the environment will be subtle and free of unnecessary stridency.

    • # Monastic Style

      Some places are sacred when it comes to self-care and healing. Convey this delicacy by using very natural oak woods or textiles in greige tones.

    • The architectural arches convey fluidity and a calming effect on the space. Natural fibers and raw materials add to this feeling. Coherence and consonance with the product on display is achieved through the use of an intense texture.

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