Smart Creativity

Colour awakens our imagination and encourages us to shake up the status quo by trying new habitat models.

Smart Creativity

  • work on wood

    Functional Colour Style

    Full-colour interior design and textures contribute to functionality. We no longer understand the functional as something grey and austere, because the practical has never been as aesthetic as it is now. Hybridisation is key in spaces, and versatility is a must. To provide this flexibility to habitats, we recommend the combined use of reliefs, rough surfaces and primary tones applied in blocks of colour.

  • work on wood

    Optimist Design Style

    Optimism permeates this style whereby lines are blurred to create furniture with no defined use. What, then, is its main purpose? To create and to allow those who inhabit the spaces to do the same. The New Bauhaus initiative serves as a roadmap to generate these environments where geometry and vibrant tones enhance ingenuity. We optimise the functionality of the habitat with modular materials and solutions, limited only by the fullest expression of personality.

    • This island will be the heart of the house while offering great functionality to the space. Combine natural wood with blocks of colour to appropriately match the environment.

    • # Functional Colour Style

      Positivity floods this room, designed for both working from home and stud- ying. The modular furniture arrange- ment provides great versatility to the space.

    • If it is necessary to optimise space, transformable environments are the best option. This type of environment helps to achieve a versatility that makes everything possible, from the most functional activities to sports.

    • The colour, in this case, introduces us to a spring theme marked by the intensity and positive vibrations that this use of chromatism transmits.

    • # Optimist Design Style

      A childlike spirit is reflected in this room that goes beyond what meets the eye: it is a place to sleep, dream or have fun.

    • The auxiliary furniture is the foremost feature of this space, where we give free rein to a bold and jovial colour that does not in any way sacrifice elegance.

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Inspirational catalogue 2022
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