Nostalgic Future

We search our memories so that our greatest experiences can be the driving force behind the new spaces we will inhabit.

Nostalgic Future

  • work on wood

    Always Classic Style

    Our heritage will always be there. It is precisely this quality of secure values that stands out in habitats that follow the ALWAYS CLASSIC style. The elegance of the classic and the preciousness of the materials serve as a counterpoint to the excess of the NOSTALGIC FUTURE macro- trend, because virtue lies in balance. Sophisticated woods and glosses will highlight the identity and uniqueness of the spaces.

  • work on wood

    New Retro Style

    This is cultivating a concept that we call “newstalgia”. It is not a matter of simply bringing back the old, but rather we seek to update those recollections by exalting their shapes and colours. The identity of the space is enhanced by vintage elements that encourage escapism. You can achieve this maximalist style by applying caramel tones or using marquetry.

    • The light and neutral tones of this bathroom create an enveloping and sober space that encourages us to take care of our bodies and minds.

    • # Always Classic Style

      Here we have a secret corner, sophisticated and elegant, where we can dedicate time to the most important meal of the day.

    • This room with its bureau-dresser is composed of natural and elegant materials that convey the heritage of the past as a secure value.

    • Classic environments but with their own personality. A contemporary representation of how surface irregularities are enhanced through a combination of materials that combine the distinctive features of characterful wood, such as knots and large cracks, with sophisticated details such as repairs with metallic pigments.

    • # New Retro Style

      The tropical reminiscence of this exotic holiday atmosphere provides us with a dopamine boost through the application of natural materials within an elegant composition. To achieve this maximalist habitat, earth colours are combined with textures.

    • In this exclusive and luxurious space, the geometric shapes of the marquetry enhance the elegance and the dividing function of this material.

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