A journey back in time from 1928 to recall the splendor of the early 20th century railroad.

Ilmiodesign applied different technical wood finishes to recreate contemporary and nostalgic atmospheres in this restoration for a luxury hospitality.

21-09-2023 Fuente: Finsa - Autor: Finsa

Project: Canfranc Estación, a Royal Hideaway Hotel.
Designer: Ilmiodesign.
Products: Fimaplast and Fibraplast Nogal Siroko Atlas, MDF and fire retardant Fibraplast Olmo Ontario Poro Arenado.
Applications: Furniture, cabinets and paneling.
Location and year: Canfranc (Huesca), 2023.


                                                                                           THE KEY TO THE PROJECT:

                                                           ANDREA SPADA AND MICHELE CORBANI, FOUNDERS OF ILMIODESIGN.

The remodeling and restoration of the trans-Pyrenean station of Canfranc (Huesca), inaugurated in 1928, oozes history: passage between Spain and France, Nazi gold warehouse, refuge for Jews... For all this baggage it could not result in any other type of hospitality than a luxury one, where the essence of the industrial heritage is maintained.

Ilmiodesign was responsible for the interior design and monitoring of the project, and it was clear from the outset that they had to create "a look&feel that would bring back and evoke the splendor of the early twentieth century railroad, inspired by the aesthetics of the old stations and the luxurious long-distance trains, with their particular carriages and representative elements, but adding a contemporary touch," the studio explains.

The starting point in interior design was to "unify all the wood finishes of the hotel", recreating warm and elegant spaces that "merge with subtle art deco elements to create contemporary and nostalgic atmospheres". Here, they explain, the Finsa solutions applied in furniture, cabinets and paneling of this journey through time through a luxury hospitality fit perfectly.



Regarding the choice of finishes, they clarify that they were "the idea we had of the woods used in the early years of the 20th century in the luxury trains that traveled through Europe, such as the Orient Express". They point out that the aesthetics of technical wood and its finishes "have improved a lot in recent years, achieving an exceptional natural look. Added to this is its resistance and ease of machining, which guarantees its durability over time," they say.

One of the great challenges of the new Canfranc Station has been to respect and integrate the monumental character of the station as an Asset of Cultural Interest, respecting its structure and morphology to give it a second life in its renovation. Except for the lobby, which was protected, the rest of the building has been designed from scratch, drawing inspiration from the great stations of La Gare du Nord, Milan Station, Central Station... and adding an environmentally friendly approach to the choice of materials.

Another relevant aspect of this project is that Ilmiodesign exclusively designed almost all the furniture, which reinforced the uniqueness of this luxury hotel. At the same time, they emphasize the lighting as an indispensable factor "to enhance the essence of the comfort and sophistication we were looking for," they say. To this end, they created a circuit of light intensity and color, as well as placed specific areas with original lamps and sconces, all of them pieces inspired by the railway world, mixed with glass and brass.

It was not for nothing that the prestigious AD magazine chose this remodeling of the building as one of the most impressive in the world, just when it is almost one hundred years since its inauguration. An exquisite architectural jewel with the finest technical and ornamental finishes.

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