We present the kitchen of the future at World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Our materials are part of the Scenarios of a Near Future exhibition, where new types of habitats for the home are shown.

24-11-2022 Fuente: Finsa - Autor: Finsa

What will our kitchens be like ten years from now? We provide our materials to answer this and other questions around the home in the Scenarios of a Near Future exhibition. The exhibition, curated by Tachy Mora, a journalist specializing in design, addresses issues that architecture, design and manufacturing professionals have reflected on in recent times. You can visit it at the Center del Carme Cultura Contemporánea (CCCC) until March 19, 2023 as part of the World Design Capital Valencia 2022 programming.

Azul Talco Balm and Azul Ceylan Technical Matt are the durable and resistant solutions that create Big Bang Kitchen. This is the kitchen concept that we devised with Cierto Estudio to offer a functional environment that is adaptable to any type of user: from chefs to those who practically only use this space to plate the food they have ordered at home.

How is this double objective achieved? Through mobile structures that allow us to have a study area, a lounge or any other type of distribution to, for example, host a social gathering. These elements were manufactured by the Spanish Association of Kitchen Furniture AMC. Big Bang Kitchen breaks the dilemma that forces you to choose between a kitchen with a technical or social profile: by changing the structures you can have it all and for different occasions.

The design proposal is articulated around three flexible elements that facilitate this plasticity: a large table that catalyzes activity, some fixed totems for storage and household appliances and, lastly, some mobile multifunctional base modules. In this layout, the table is broken into fragments that can be used together or separately, coupling the totems and thus proposing different scenarios where cooking takes on more or less prominence.

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