We are participating in Rebuild as a Global partner and presenting all our ranges under a new brand image

We are participating in the most important construction event in Spain, once again, with our own stand, a co-developed product and our new brand image.

20-04-2022 Fuente: Finsa - Autor: Finsa

You may have already seen that, here at Finsa, we have a new brand image, a new website, etc. We want to connect more closely with employees, customers, suppliers and the entire wood value chain through a value proposition that is based on technical wood (TECH), decorative surfaces (DESIGN), and furniture solutions and components (PROCESS).

Under this image, we will participate in Rebuild (April 26, 27 and 28), the national event for innovation in the construction sector, for the fifth consecutive year. We do so as a Global partner, with our own stand, a product stand (for a product co-developed with Simon Electric) and round tables within the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0.

Our stand at Rebuild 2022 and our new products

Our architectural stand was designed by Stone Designs, following the DNA of industrialization, digitalization and sustainability. You can see it for the first time in this image.

At this stand, we have CLT structure solutions that are industrialized and that have a low environmental impact from the XILONOR brand, THERMOPINE SAVIA façades, and GRADPANEL THERMOPINE heat-treated pine solar control lattices, developed by the Finsa brand SAVIA and the company GRADHERMETIC. The last of these is a solution that won an award at the Advanced Architecture Awards 2020, which now has fire certification for buildings over 18 meters in height.

Bari Hospital (Italy) GradPanel ThermoPine solar control lattices by Savia Gradhermetic. Project by PINEARQ Arquitectura.

As a new product, we are exhibiting ORIXE by SAVIA: a modular industrialized outdoor furniture. This is a product that was co-developed with Stone Designs.

ORIXE outdoor furniture

Inside the stand, our Tech, Design & Process proposal is reflected in our panelling solutions, total look kitchen materials, and a materials library with the new DUO and Studio Collection products.

Detail of kitchen, materials library and Studio Collection range at the entrance to the Finsa stand.

Inside the stand, we will also offer an immersive digital experience for visitors, product advisers and promoters through BIM solutions that can be integrated in the project phase, as well as our tools for calculation and dimensioning of structures in CLT.

Finsa & Simon CoLab
At Rebuild, Finsa and Simon are sharing our vision and knowledge in an incubator of new ideas, under the name of Finsa & Simon CoLab. As a result of this, we have created a pioneering product that is presented at a specific stand at the fair.
It is an innovative, connective architectural mural that incorporates all of Simon's technology in our technical wood panels. These customizable, easy to install, fully integrated panels have been carefully designed to meet the different architectural and lighting needs of any project. 

Our talks within the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0
In addition to participating through two stands, we are also in Rebuild’s technical congress. Please note the following round tables:

-Andres Horcajada (CEO TECTUM GM).   
-Jose Aguilar, architect (Agvar BIM TEAM director).
-María José PiccioMarchetti Prado, General Director of Housing and Rehabilitation (Community of Madrid). 
-Silvia Villacañas, General Director of Strategic Planning (Madrid City Council).
-Jacinto Seguí, Director of Technical Consulting and Specification (FINSA).
-Moderator: Ignacio Luengo, ISG Iberia Business Development Director

-Maria Pomar, FINSA Technical Consultant ORIXE Project manager.  
-Eva Prego, co-founder Stone Designs and ORIXE Designers. 
-Maica Fernández, concept and construction director (Carrefour Property). 
-Moderator: Jacinto Seguí, Director of Technical Consulting (FINSA). 

-Jacinto Seguí, Director of Technical Consulting and Specification (FINSA).
-Alfred Batet, Director of Innovation (SIMON).  
-Moderator: Roberto Molinos (CEO MODELICAL). 

-Xavi Aguiló, UK Manager Partner (BAC Engineering Consultancy).  
-Manuel Lobo, head of Industrialized Wood Construction at Consultoría Técnica (FINSA).  
-Ana Quintas, Lead, Built Environment at EMEA&LATAM (Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute). 
-Moderator: Antoni Ruiz Amorós, professional promoter, lecturer and freelance consultant.

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