Natural quality in finishes that let the views take centre stage

Sinaldaba Arquitectura opted for natural materials to frame the views of this impressive hotel on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fuente: Finsa - Autor: Finsa

“Technical wood humanises, provides warmth and naturalness to the space where you use it”. 
Ignacio Reigada, architect.

“When a project has such striking views, what is clear is that the hotel must function as a timeless and unobtrusive setting”. This is how Ignacio Reigada, architect of Sinaldaba, defines the essence of Noa Boutique Hotel, a space located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The key to this remodeling was to find a balance between the exterior and the interior of the facilities. “The views are unquestionable protagonists, so it was necessary to use materials that were as natural and durable as possible”.

In this case, Fimanatur Roble half figured was applied in panelling, headboards and bedroom furniture. “We chose technical wood because it humanises, provides warmth and naturalness to the space where you use it”, explained Reigada.

Even by opting for minimalism inside this hotel, the studio specifies that this does not mean that the resulting environment is aseptic. “This choice of natural materials leaves no one indifferent; it conveys tranquillity to the people who visit”.

In the rooms a very selected application of products can be appreciated, and, as Sinaladaba concluded: “when the solution is ideal, the actual cutouts, orientations, the incidence of light ... allow you to play with certain elements”.

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