FINSA participates in the LONGLIFEDM project subsidized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), and the ERDF fund of the European Union.

The LONGLIDEDM project, Obtaining Durable and Dimensionally Stable MDF by Wood Acetylation, (IDI20180626) focuses on obtaining durable and dimensionally stable MDF by wood acetylation for sustained applications in outdoor use. The specific objectives of the project include:
- Know and develop the morphological, mechanical, thermal and chemical processes involved in the manufacture of MDF with an acetylated wood with characteristics that are very different from conventional wood.
- The durable and stable MDF must have adequate technical skills to be able to be covered superficially with different materials in order to provide added value and be able to direct it to different high-demand applications such as exterior door frames, window frames , window sills, ventilated facades, outdoor tables, etc.
- Obtain highly durable and stable boards with improved fire behavior (flame retardant), interior floor boards, mass-colored boards (used in decorative moldings without the need for lacquering) and also boards in a range of high and low densities for applications where the weight and/or the mechanical resistance require it depending on the requirements of the application/customer.

Aid granted FINSA: 1,867,324.94 euros