Self-consumption photovoltaic facility

Self-consumption photovoltaic facility to meet the energy demand of the building located in the Finsa factory in Rábade. Its purpose is to provide greater energy independence, reducing energy costs by no longer consuming part of the energy from the grid and reducing energy transmission losses by decentralising electricity generation. The ultimate goal is also to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The solar photovoltaic system will consist of 3,600 monocrystalline silicon panels of 55 Wp each, giving the facility a peak power of 1,998 kWp. The panels shall be placed on several decks, distributed in rows and columns forming tables with different numbers of panels on each of the decks.

The operation of the plant will allow a reduction of 727.04t CO2/year.

The investment is carried out in Fibranor, at the Finsa factory in Rábade (Lugo) as part of the incentive programme 2 linked to self-consumption and storage in the service sector and in other productive sectors, within the framework of the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union — NextGenerationEU.

Investment: € 1,291,786
Financing: € 183,816
File No.: IN421W-10

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