El Novotel con mayor capacidad del mundo está en Madrid y tiene materiales Finsa

The IHP group was in charge of developing and executing the entire project for the Novotel Madrid Center, the largest Novotel in the world, which incorporates elements executed using our materials.

26-02-2019 Fuente: Finsa - Autor: Finsa

Designer: IHP, International Hospitality Projects

Product: Fimaplast Visón Chic and Roble Sinatra Profundo, Fénix and Fibraplast.

Application: wall and column panelling, doors and room furnishings.

Location: Madrid.

Year: 2015.

The Hotel Convención was a classic in the centre of Madrid that needed to be renovated to move it towards the 21st century. The IHP group, which is a multidisciplinary studio specializing in hotel projects, designed a comprehensive renovation project for them to transform the hotel, prioritising functionality. Along the way, the hotel was integrated into the Accor chain, under the Novotel brand. With 790 rooms and more than 7,000 m2 of common areas, 3,000 m2 of which are dedicated to events, Novotel Madrid Center has become the chain's largest hotel, and a benchmark for contemporary design in the hotel industry.

The starting point was to "update the current 1970s style of the hotel," according to Carla Gomes, interior designer at IHP, taking it towards "a contemporary and elegant style that is planned out to the millimetre, designed to seek out large spaces with an orderly appearance, and an optimal distribution of interior spaces".

To do so, the search for and choice of materials was fundamental, as it "will determine, to a large extent, the rest of the decisions", presenting the customer with a project that is in line with their needs, preferences and cost. In its hotel projects, IHP is always committed to incorporating the latest innovations in materials, and technical and technological solutions aimed at improving the user experience. To this end, in its design, Novotel Madrid Center uses Fimaplast and Fibraplast fibreboard, or the Fénix surface: a nanotechnological material for interior design that combines elegant aesthetic solutions and cutting-edge technological features. All of these materials provide "quality, design and functionality" in the final result, according to Carla Gomes, interior designer at IHP.

The rooms are elegant in their simplicity and timeless aesthetic, with the added warmth of Roble Sinatra in the furniture (headboards, panelling, cabinets, bedside tables and doors). In addition, the column panelling in the entrance hall is made from Fimaplast with the Visón Chic finish from our Dúo range, while the corridor panelling uses the Fénix surface. In terms of colours, the entire hotel plays with earthy tones, such as Roble brown and Visón grey, combined with white, which acts as a unifier, and the elegance of black Fenix.

The other materials used were vinyl wallpaper, contract textiles or the installation of LED lighting technology, always seeking out functionality and ease of maintenance.

Since its opening, the hotel has received non-stop praise for this joint architecture, engineering and interior design work which has turned the Novotel Madrid Center into a brighter, more sustainable and more efficient building. Because, in addition to the aesthetic improvement that the redesign of the spaces and their furnishings has brought, it has also led to an increase in comfort.