MDF - New state-of-the-art production line of high versatility and efficiency

Project No. 72288

Support under the Incentive Scheme - Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program
Main Objective
Productive investment in a new state-of-the-art MDF line of high versatility and efficiency for the production of a wide range of thicknesses of MDF panels with guaranteed superior flexibility, productive efficiency and environmental sustainability.
Intervention Region:
NUTS II Center

Approval date | 12-01-2021
Start Date - 30-06-2021
Completion Date - 29-06-2023
Total eligible cost - 24.799.238,00 euros
Financial support from the European Union - ERDF - 5,985,224.67 euros

Project Summary
• New MDF production line:
Implementation of a continuous line associated with the formation stage of the wood fiber blanket, allowing high levels of quality pressing.
• Works of adaptation of the railway branch line and loading and unloading docks:
Adaptation and updating works of the railway branch line and loading and unloading docks in order to take advantage of the existing railway infrastructure and enhance rail transport of both materials and finished products.
• Industry 4.0 - "Smart4Wood:
Under this global project promoted by the Finsa Group it is intended to make the transition to digitalization of the production lines of Luso Finsa S.A., meeting the objectives of Industry 4.0.
• Professional training:
Investment in specialized training of the Company's employees in the field of new production technologies to be adopted.

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