All the information and support for specifiers, available on Finsa's technical consultation microsite

This site, designed for architecture, interior design and design professionals, brings together all the information on services and resources that the company has at its disposal

19-01-2021 Fuente: Finsa - Autor: Finsa

Architects, interior designers and designers now have access to a microsite where they can find all the information about Finsa's Technical Consultation team, made up of professionals with extensive experience in architecture, interior design and design projects, whose job is to provide support for the works and projects and advise on everything related to wood solutions.

In addition to information about the team—you can meet all its members, who are located throughout Spain and various offices in Europe—the microsite provides users with access to inspirational portfolios, technical catalogues and BIM and CAD files. 

The site also provides details about upcoming events organised by Finsa and designed for architecture, interior design and design professionals, where the company offers opportunities for collaboration. 

Finsa's Technical Consultation team offers technical advice, ideas for applications and material combinations, and advice on modelling of wood structures and pre-dimensioning of elements. Among other services, they also offer training sessions for technical teams (online and in-person) and liaison with the network of partners required for a project: specialised distributors, industrialists and installers.

You can see all this information in more detail by accessing the microsite.