Decorative White oak


Size: 2440x1220 mm
Finish White oak


Ambience White oak


White oak

Wood veneer Natur range

Origin: Europe, North America
Scientific name: Quercus sp.
Veneer Thickness: 0.6mm
Cutting method: Crown cut
Jointing technique: Book Match (standard), Slip Match and Mixmatched on request
Quality: Plus(033), Select(035) and Natural(036)

It is not possible to ensure uniformity of colour between different production for natural wood veneers. Therefore, a slight difference in colour and structure between two different production batches cannot be considered a defect and is due to the nature of the wood itself, which varies from one log to another and even within the same log. Boards from the same production batch will achieve the best result for any given project.

Emulate ambience
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