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Fibrapan IGN E-Z S/C

Fibrapan IGN E-Z S/C available (without dye), is a fibreboard with improved fire resistance (B-s1,d0 / B-s2,d0). With compact, smooth and perfectly calibrated surface. Suitable for general use in dry environments. It is red in colour, for identification purposes.

Fire resistance in accordance with EN 13501: B-s1,d0 for thicknesses of 10 to 30 mm and B-s2,d0 for thicknesses of < 10 mm to > 30 mm.
Classified MDF (boards used in dry environments) according to EN 622-5:2009.
Service class 1.
Formaldehyde emissions: Class E1.
EZ: Low formalin emissions <0.05 ppm (EN717-1), CARB2.
Recommended: Coating with decorative paper, laminate or natural veneer, lacquering, etc.
Applications: Wall and ceiling cladding, partitions and furniture, in public buildings, temporary architecture, etc.
Areas of use: Hospitality, retail and workplace.



  • Doors/ Cabinets

    Doors/ Cabinets

  • Indoor Furniture

    Indoor Furniture

  • Wall coverings

    Wall coverings

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Technical information

Technical information

  • Technical information

    Fibrapan Ignífugo E-Z S/C

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  • Technical datasheet

    Fibrapan Ignífugo E-Z S/C