Create infinite possibilities

New trend in furniture
and home coatings

  • work on wood

    Suitable for all
    types of furniture

    In recent years, a new trend has been established in the field of furniture and interior design that brings a fresh and different aspect to the spaces we inhabit: the quarry, slotted or stick effect.

    The vertical lines or geometric shapes and in different formats and distances, are increasingly present on the fronts and surfaces of the current furniture.

Different surfaces with thousands of options

Thanks to the material provided by Finsa, Black Fibracolour and Gray E-Z, which gives us the option of applying any of the decorative surfaces available in this catalog, the creative possibilities are infinite.

Starting from this base board and with the appropriate machinery, pieces can be designed for furniture and coatings of all kinds, both lines in different thicknesses, depths and distances; as different geometric, abstract or curved designs.

Today's technology even allows you to capture the most original drawings in the furniture.

Suitable for all types of furniture

This new trend can have a presence in different parts of the house and in various pieces of furniture. Thus, as soon as we access the house we can find these unique surfaces in the receiver furniture. Already in the living room, the hypertextures generated with this technique fit perfectly into television furniture, sideboards or showcases. Likewise, they can enter the bedroom, giving rise to a leader of the most original or a comfortable or closet doors other than usual.


  • Sideboards

  • Showcases

  • Fronts of cabinets and/or drawer

  • Bed headers

  • Panels

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  • Auxiliary