Pesquera Áncora

The Pesquera Áncora offices, located in Vigo, are characterized by the welcoming atmosphere provided by the natural eucalyptus wood veneer. The neutral atmosphere and the luminosity provided by the white color are complemented in this work place with the warmth of a wood without many grains and a lot of texture.

APPLICATION: Lockers, splinting, furniture, screens, cabinets and planters
PRODUCT: Fibracolour Black, Fibracolour Natur Oak, Fibranatur Oak, Fibrapan and Fibraplast White

  • Vigo
  • 2017
  • Estudio V&BA

Can building with good materials improve performance?

What differentiates a conventional office from one designed with circularity criteria? The main difference is that a circular office generates a positive and measurable impact on people, society, the economy and the environment, while a conventional office only aims to reduce its negative impact. By implementing circularity criteria, healthier spaces are obtained, which results in the improvement of people's productivity. Grupo Construcía, one of the leading companies in circularity, has developed the necessary tools to establish the metrics that reflect the positive impacts of circular spaces and one of them is the L2C True Value, which reflects a 45% increase in productivity in offices created under the criteria of circular construction, compared to a conventional office.


Design, technology, flexibility and variety of ranges.

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