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Superpan Plus (E-Z)

Superpan PLUS is a patented board manufactured exclusively by Finsa that combines the main advantages of both MDF and chipboard. In addition to its excellent physical-mechanical properties, SuperPan PLUS offers increased thickness on the fibre side, making it an ideal board for postforming work on faces, as it allows direct postforming without the need for additional materials, such as barrier paper. SuperPan PLUS is also particularly suitable for lacquering, painting or printing applications due to its compact surface, homogeneous absorption and well sanded surface. Any type of decorative coating can be used. The external fibre faces significantly reduce surface chipping and tool wear.
Service class 1.
Formaldehyde emissions: Class E1.
(E-Z): Low formaldehyde emission <0.05 ppm (EN717-1), CARB2.

Formaldehyde: E-Z
Environmental/Sustainability: EPD; Breeam, Leed,Well, Green, LBC

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