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Superpan NAF is a patented board manufactured exclusively by Finsa that combines some of the main advantages of both MDF and chipboard. Its excellent physical-mechanical properties make superPan NAF a highly versatile board suitable for multiple applications. SuperPan NAF is a board with very low formaldehyde emissions, equivalent to those of solid wood, due to the use of formaldehyde-free resins during its manufacture. This feature is becoming more and more relevant in the design of interior spaces, which are being increasingly subjected to sustainability and energy efficiency criteria.
Service class 1.
NAF product: non added formaldehyde.
Formalin emissions < 0.05 ppm (EN717-1), CARB2 compliant.

Formaldehyde: NAF
Environmental/Sustainability: EPD; Breeam, Leed,Well, Green, LBC

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