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Superpan IGN E-Z

Superpan IGNÍFUGO is a patented board manufactured exclusively by Finsa that offers all the same advantages as superPAN, but with improved fire resistance for applications where this is required. It has high dimensional stability and low swelling and absorption. Due to the flame retardant salts used, it is advisable to adjust the resin/process used when coating, veneering or laminating it. Finsa offers a specific type of resin developed specially for this process.
Service class 1.
Formaldehyde emissions: Class E1.
Fire resistance in accordance with EN 13501: B-s1, d0 / B-s2, d0 (thickness less than 12 mm)
(E-Z): Low formaldehyde emission <0.05 ppm (EN717-1), CARB2.

Fire retardant: Fire-retardant Classification EU
Formaldehyde: E-Z
Environmental/Sustainability: EPD; Breeam, Leed,Well, Green, LBC

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