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47S Granito Gala


Kitchen worktop developed as a horizontal solution to meet the demands of everyday use. It has antibacterial protection and features a decorative design on the top, back side and insulating back edge. Range of kitchen worktops developed based on our exclusive water-repellent SuperPan, which gives the product high impact resistance, superior cutting quality for perfect joints and greater resistance to humid environments. It is available in two thicknesses, 30 mm and 38 mm, providing a feeling of firmness and robustness. The entire Fintop+ range is supplied postformed on the front, giving it an image of continuity and avoiding joints that accumulate dirt. Thanks to the technology used in the melamine coating, we can offer products with designs and textures similar to natural materials that are suitable for contact with food, easy to clean, resistant and equipped with an antibacterial treatment. We have made a selection of decorations that incorporate exclusive designs for all tastes. Most of the items are from our Duo Range, which greatly facilitates combinations with fronts and finishes, as well as using the same tones in projects with shared spaces such as kitchens that open out onto a living room. We also manufacture counters on request. To ensure the longest possible service life, Fintop+ worktops come with a coated counterface and edged back. We also incorporate a sealing gasket on the front to prevent water dripping into the furniture.

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