Baseboard Fibranor PT (E-Z)


Detail Fibranor PT (E-Z)


Fibranor PT (E-Z)

FIBRANOR PT is a very high density, thin, perfectly flat and calibrated board with good warping properties. The special quality of the fibre used in its manufacture, its improved mechanical properties, hardness and uniform colour make it especially suitable for applications where an optimum finish is required for machining. Its uniform colour allows for the combination of multiple pieces, avoiding sharp colour contrasts. Specially designed for the footwear industry.
Suitable for general applications in dry environments
Service class 1
Formaldehyde emissions: Class E1.
(E-Z): Low formaldehyde emission <0.05 ppm (EN717-1), CARB2.

Environmental/Sustainability: EPD; Breeam, Leed,Well, Green, LBC

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