Fibrapan Bio

Is a fibreboard manufactured with 100% biological adhesives.

  • work on wood

    Fibreboard with a natural
    composition of greater
    than 99%.

    Obtained product from the bark of the tree itself, and with a
    paraffin of vegetable origin that allows to obtain a fibreboard with a natural composition of greater than 99%. It is a board suitable for applications in humid environments.

  • Main features

    • Bio content
      greater than

    • NAF Adhesive


    • Moisture
      resistant (V100)

  • work on wood

    Decorative possibilities

    Fibrapan Bio can be combined with most of
    Finsa Design decorative options for wood derived boards.

    Keeping in line with the Bio concept, we highlight the option
    of coating with natral wood veneer, offering a wide variety of
    species within our natural surfaces with Fibranatur Bio.

Recommended uses

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destión forestal

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  • Sustainable building certifications - BREEAM

  • Sustainable building certifications - LEED

  • Forestry Certifications PEFC

  • Forestry Certifications FSC

  • Sustainable building certifications - WELL

  • LBC