"Our business identity is based on two fundamental principles: mutual respect and effective effort."

Our values


These are one of the fundamental pillars of the company. They establish our character and identity. In Finsa, we are firmly convinced that our business culture must guide all our day-to-day actions.

Likewise, we would like to convey our commitment and loyalty to the principles or values that have indelibly defined our company from its inception.
We consider it important to clearly state these values since they will enable you to know Finsa's basic and most important asset: its human capital.


We aim to achieve a corporate culture based on shared values. These values will stem from two fundamental principles:

Mutual respect
This is the principle which will produce the best response possible from eachother. We aim at inter-personal relationships led by:
  • Modesty. We should behave with serenity, without pretensions and appreciating the value of small details.
  • Honesty. We should behave in a sincere and frank manner, seeking a bond of common trust.
  • Generosity. Not only should we listen to others, but we should also strive to include them in our goals, thus actively involving ourselves in helping others to achieve, in turn, their own goals.
Efficient Effort

This is vital in order to guarantee the sustainable generation of resources, which will, in turn, assure us the freedom and capacity to create the kind of company we want to work in. We need to face up to tasks with:
  • Transparency as regards our acts and failures, our judging criteria, and the risks and consequences of our decisions.

  • Enthusiasm, perseverance in our tasks and motivation to improve. Besides an overall positive attitude which enables us to perceive our mistakes as opportunities from which we learn.

  • Teamwork, actively contributing, taking into account all opinions and seeking the common interest.


We aim to be more than mere "dwellers" in our workplace.
And we all strive in our tasks to pass on to others something better than what we found.