“FINSA becomes the first technical wood manufacturer on the Iberian Peninsula to provide the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its wooden fiber and particle board products.”

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)


The EPDs certify that our products cause no harmful environmental impact. The wood from our solutions preserves its positive properties throughout the whole life cycle.

¿What are they?

A public report expressing the life cycle analysis (LCA) results for a product, validated by an external entity.

General goals

  • Provide relevant, verifiable and comparable information on environmental performance
  • Foster demand for products that cause the least environmental impact
  • Stimulate continuous environmental improvement of products




  • Product information
    Life cycle analysis: LCA
    Additional data and certificates

Reference standards


  • ISO 14025 - Environmental Declarations Type III.Principles and procedures: relevant for establishing the system, PCR and verification
  • ISO 14040 – Life cycle analysis (LCA)
  • ISO 21930 – Environmental product declarations for construction
  • CEN TC 350 (Pren 15804) Sustainability of construction works. This shall be relevant for European procedures and indicators


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