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Trendbook Finsa 2017-18

Welcome to the new edition of the Trendbook collection by Finsa. Our global teams have worked together to analyse and define the ways in which we live and consume, enabling an understanding of how social and cultural changes can impact the world around us. Responding to this inquiry, we have outlined certain trends and driving factors that provide context for our product design research. Paying close attention to industry influences such as technology innovations, interior design advances and architectural projects, we consider how these factors will influence and inspire the design industry, and more specifically hard surfaces of the future. Here we identify and discover four different states of mind and matter across the five books. Firstly, we Wonder and embrace the unknown, taking confident steps into the future of design, feeling encouraged to venture into the intangible and the physical worlds. We then Explore and push the boundaries, adopting a bold maximalist approach and breaking any previous rules, we celebrate what is bright and confident within the design world. Next we Master our craft and evoke an elegant and luxurious approach. Looking to traditional techniques and only what is refined to the highest standards, we seek to conquer our doubts and fears. Finally, we Reflect and strip everything back to leave what is vital, seeking comfort and calm within designs that are pure and essential. Our States of Mind & Matter are formed and the surfaces that are inspired by this process lie within.