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Fibracolour TEX EZ is a new range of decorative boards developed from our Fibracolour EZ, providing different textures embossed on its surface. This feature enhances its decorative qualities and, in combination with lacquers or varnishes, the possibilities of customization are unlimited.


Fibracolour TEX EZ makes it possible to enrich the material and sensorial characteristics of any interior space by means of a varied offer of surfaces in relief. The different textures in linear, geometric or fantasy forms, offer a great versatility, to adapt to spaces or decorative applications.
The technology used in the reproduction of reliefs on the surface of the board offers a compact surface, ideal for the application of different types of varnishing or lacquering with infinite effects and colors (RAL, NCS, PANTONE, etc.). The texture is only supplied on the top side.
Each of the available textures on Fibracolour EZ offers its own uniqueness with numerous possibilities. In addition to the consequent savings in machining processes on surface and time to get similar results
All the boards synchronize the reproduction of the textures on the entire surface, which facilitates the cutting, machining or paneling in different applications.


Fibracolour EZ TEX is an ideal product to be used in different applications:
Ephemeral architecture
Stands and stands expository
Interior design
Paneled, screens and coatings
Household furniture, auxiliary and children
Commercial premises
Counters and exhibitors
Technical solutions
Moldings, bas-relief effects, and product design
Decorative solutions in stores, hotels, etc.

Type of use



  • MDF


  • Blocks

  • Cemento

  • Cemento Gris

  • Fuji

  • Mojave

  • Prisma

  • Trama

  • Veta


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