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FINSA’s Fibracolour EZ is composed of decorative boards made of wood fibers (MDF) colored throughout.


Fibracolour EZ offers new possibilities in the field of decoration and interior design, allowing a wide variety of aesthetic effects and the application of innovative finishes, such as lacquers, waxes, varnishes, pantographs, digital printing or application of textures on the
Fibracolour EZ can also be coated with natural veneer or melamine, creating an attractive contrast between the surface and the edges of the product. Our Fibracolour boards are of EZ quality. This property gives the board a very low formaldehyde content.
Fibracolour EZ is a product made with water-based non-toxic pigments and with a low concentration of formaldehyde. Therefore, it guarantees a perfect and safe coexistence with the environment and is presented as an ideal alternative for use in closed spaces.
The product guarantees solidity, consistency and intensity of the colors according to our strict quality controls. Therefore, its color is perfectly uniform throughout the board dimension, and is resistant to natural and artificial light.
Fibracolour EZ allows easy and quick repair of possible surface damage. A simple superficial sanding corrects scratches or blows returning the product to its original state, without observing changes of tonality

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Fibracolour is an ideal product to be used in different applications.
Ephemeral architecture
Stands and stands expository
Interior design
Panels, screens and decorative coverings
Household furniture, auxiliary, Office and child
Commercial premises
Counters and exhibitors
Technical solutions
Manufacturing acoustic elements and moldings, bas-relief effects, product design
Excellent behavior as support for impressions with digital technology

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  • MDF


The combination of Fibracolour with FINSA’s extensive Gama Duo range of melamines meets the challenge of expressing the character of any interior space.
The possibilities of personalization are almost unlimited by combining the color edges of the product and the wide range of melamines available for its surface, ranging from wood designs with rustic character to elegant and sophisticated structures. Gama Duo offers a wide range of colors. From the most neutral to the most vivid and intense, without forgetting also a significant number of abstract designs inspired by textile materials, metallized, hydraulic mosaics or on surfaces such as cement or marble.
The range of Fibracolour decorative boards can also be combined with FINSA’s Studio Natur range of natural wood veneers, combining the versatility, flexibility and functionality of industrial materials with the naturalness, warmth and elegance of wood.
The veneers of natural wood allow to appreciate the wood in all its splendor. Its combination with Fibracolour Black provides great versatility for the configuration of warm and sophisticated interior spaces.
In order to know the production possibilities, contact our commercial network. 

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