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  • Dry Touch

    Dry Touch.- This mat finish provides a real texture thanks to its raw wood look

  • Luxor

    Wood finish with character that combines matte and satin areas in a balanced way.

  • Matt-oil

    Matt-oil.- Closed pore finish which reproduces the efect of oil varnishes getting the most mat appearance of the Finfloor range.

  • Nature

    Nature.-Fine and elegant pore finish which along with a medium-high brightness level, can reproduce the efect of a newly varnished wood giving a light texture and soft touch.

  • Poro Flooring

    Poro Flooring.-Finished with a satin classical linear pore thanks to its smooth structure.

  • Rustic Pore

    Wood pore structure that reproduces the discontinuous irregular grain, highlighting the colors of the wood.

  • Saw Cut

    Saw Cut.- Two balanced combination of brightness levels that reproduce the classic grooves of the lumber, while getting an ultra-realistic efect.

  • Smooth Touch

    Varnished wood finish without sanding that is soft to the touch.

  • Vintage Matt

    Extra matte finish with a light wood texture.

  • Wood Impression

    Wood Impression.- Faithful reproduction of original materials as the texture of the wood matches perfectly with the design.

  • Wood Matt

    Matte finish with very open wood grain.