Our nosing adds the finishing touch to your rooms with steps or stairs, blending with the design you select for your floor. And, since it is a laminate floor, it provides many advantages:
    PERFECT FINISH AND EASY FITTING The design is identical and, since they are manufactured together, the nosing is as strong as the floor.
    NO PROTRUSION The surface remains flat and homogeneous.

    DESIGN CONTINUITY The floor and the stairway produce a unified effect in the room.
    HIGH RESISTANCE Resistant to blows, abrasion, wear and moisture.
    VERSATILE Adapts to all step sizes and stairway forms.
    VARIOUS FINISHING-OFF OPTIONS Provides different finishing touches.
    MAINTENANCE Very easy to clean.

    Collection Type of plank Lenght (mm) Foot print  approx. (mm) Pieces / Box
    Purefloor 8mm   1331 100 2
    Purefloor 7mm 1-2 plank 1200 100 2
    Purefloor 7mm 3 plank 1200 70 2
    Finfloor Evolve   1331 100 2
    Finfloor XL   1780 100 2
    Finfloor Original 1-2 plank 1200 100 2
    Finfloor Original 3 plank 1200 70 2
    Finfloor Supreme All 1310 100 2
    Finfloor Style All 1310 80 2
    Finfloor 12 All 1310 100 2