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Melamine finishes

We present our range of 10 textures. Its representation is approximate, so we recommend that you request a sample of the textures of your interest. Consult our sales network and its possibilities in measures and thickness because not all are available in each of our 20 lines of melamine.

  • Atlas

    A finishing with the look and feel of wood, with a more rustic character.

  • Deep pore

    A very noticeable pore and super matte gloss

  • Essence

    Natural finishing

  • Gloss

    Smooth texture and GL105 gloss

  • Ideal Glow

    Finition haute brillante

  • Ideal Matt

    Finition extra mate anti trace

  • Nude

    A finishing with the look and feel of leather, matt.

  • Sandy Pore

    Gently undulating linear pore

  • Sega

    Transverse finishing

  • Soft III

    Smooth texture and matte gloss

  • Supermatte

    Very smooth texture and a highly matte gloss

  • Textile

    Texture with the appearance of woven textile